Tick Tock with French Tip 


  • Procedure Manual will be Provided
  • Practical & Theory Exams will be Conducted after completing the course.
  • Examination Fees & Certificate fee (Rs.1500) Included in course fees.
  • In case of additional attempt Rs.500 Exam Fees is payable
  • A model will be required for training purposes from day 2 or 3 onwards.
  • Exams will be conducted after a week home practice.

Day 10



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Tick Tock Refills & Removals 

Day 9

Tick tock Application demo/Buffing Practice/ 1 Hand plain application

Day 8

Day 11

Day 5

Day 6

What will you learn?

 One hand with forms with BIB

Day 7

Tick Tock 1 Hand Cover acrylic powder

BIB Nail Art

11 days New Technology Course- Tick Tock & BIB 

Refills BIB

Day 2

Day 1

Final Practise Session of BIB and Tick Tock

Day 3

Fees: INR 35000 per head

NLA educator will introduce students with simple skills and techniques to create the most beautiful designs. This course will also educate you to make 3D Acrylic Designs.

One hand BIB with Tips with Glitter

1 Hand Glitter application 

Day 4

One Hand BIB With tips and French Gel Polish

This Course teaches you Brand new and advanced systems training under Trainer's Supervision - Tick Tock Acrylic Syestem & Builder In Bottle Gel System..

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