A. Nail Plate Prep   B. Tip Application   C. Product Application

Nail Art

21 Day Certified Nail Technologist 

Course + Eye Lash Extension Course

Eyelash Extension

Basic & Advanced

Gel System

Fees: INR 55000 per head

What will you learn?

Dedicated Nail Technician + Eyelash Extension Course 
In the Nubar complete nail technologist course, the student learns everything starting from the most basic techniques to the most advanced techniques.

This course ensures perfection in their skills since they get complete practical knowledge as well as increased hands on practice. There will be no home practice required after completing this course since the student is experienced, confident and in a position to start working with his clients immediately and independently.

100% Job Guarantee is given to the student at the end of this course. The student will be placed between a span of 1 – 3 months. 

Certified Nail Te​chnologist

Basic & Advanced

Acrylic System

Extension Procedure

Nail Anatomy

Nubar educator will introduce students with simple skills and techniques to create the most beautiful designs. This course will also educate you to make 3D Acrylic Designs.

Removals of Acrylic

& Gel system

Speak to a Counsellor 






Health and safety
Client consultation
​Contra-indictions and contra- actions
How to prepare your work space
Treatment procedure
Application of Eyelash extensions
Removal of Eyelash extensions
​Maintenance of lash extensions
​Aftercare advice

Overlays with

Acrylic & Gel system

Nail Art

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  • Procedure Manual will be Provided
  • Practical & Theory Exams will be Conducted after completing the course.
  • Examination Fees & Certificate fee (Rs. 1500) Included in course fees.
  • In case of additional attempt Rs. 500 Exam Fees is payable
  • A model will be required for training purposes from day 2 or 3 onwards.
  • Exams will be conducted after a week home practice.