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Builder In Bottle Course  

24 Day                INR 65000

5 Day                  INR 15000

28 Day                INR 85000

New Technology 

Tick Tock | BIB | 2D/3D Nail Art

Certified Nail Technologist ​+ 4D Art

2 Days               INR 25000

5 Days               INR 47000

Eye Lash Extension Course

5 Days               INR 20000

14 Days               INR 45000

Tick Tock | Nail Art | Gel Polish (For Freshers)

 Tick Tock Course (With Kit)

New Technology 

Tick Tock & BIB

Tick Tock | BIB | WITH KIT

3 Days               INR 15000

Train The Trainer

2 Day                  INR 15000

11 Days               INR 35000

Nail Art 2D+ 3D + 4D

Advanced Gel

     2 Day                  INR 10000


Nail Lounge Academy : Empowering Nail Education

Manicure Pedicure

Certified Nail Technologist        24 Day                 INR 60000

Advanced Acrylic                        4 Day                   INR 12000 

NAIL ART  2D & 3D                      3 Day                   INR 8000




Nail Lounge Academy offers short term courses in Nail Art, Gelicure Application, Acrylic Extension to comprehensive Nail Technician courses in Nails that let you start a global career in nail. Whether you are a beginner or a practicing and experienced beauty professional, Nail Lounge Academy has a course that let you embrace the surging opportunity in nails. All the tailored courses are meticulously designed to meet the needs of every type of student. Each course has been developed to ensure that each Nubar Trainee achieves their certification feeling confident in both theory and application. 

From the essential Manicure & Pedicure course, traditional Acrylic nail course to popular Gel nail courses, Nubar offers an extensive programme to suit technicians at all levels. Each course programme comprises of natural nail care skills as well as salon hygiene, product knowledge, and an opportunity to pick the best of industry recognized professionals.

Courses include Beginners Acrylic nail courses on the Infinity Acrylic and Beginners Gel nail courses using the Infinity UV Gel Systems.  The popular and on trend Gelicure Soak-Off Gel Polish Workshops are available from Application Courses through to Design and Advanced Skills.

​In addition to our structured Training Programme, our Educators are also able to offer One-to-One training to nail enthusiasts who would like to brush up on skills or learn latest techniques. NLA’s friendly, approachable and experienced educators bring a wealth of invaluable knowledge to every Nubar course. Please glance through our basket of courses that fast track your opportunities in beauty industry.