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The demand for nail technicians is 3x more than other beauty professional across the globe, including India. And its just going to grow. Needless to mention, the future in choosing nails as a career is lot more prospective and lucrative. Learn world's most advanced and fastest nail extension systems under one roof. The 5 Day intensive course helps you scale up your career opportunities Nails, readying you with skills that are in absolute demand.

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Why not enrol for a 1 day Seminar / Workshop that has LIVE Demo session of Tick Tock - World’s Fastest Acrylic Nail Extension System that can be done in 30 minutes and a demo of Nail Art and Gel Polish. The seminar also gives you a sneak peek into career opportunities as a Certified Nail Technician. 

What students have to say about our seminar on Tick Tock and Nail Art!

Seminar Agenda

  • Introduction to Nail Lounge Academy by Kavita 

  • Insight into new trends in Nails and Nail Art

  • LIVE DEMO OF BIB & Tick Tock Acrylic Nail Extensions System

  • Features Plain Tick Tock with Chrome look, Plain Tick Tock with Gel Polish, Glitter Tick Tock, Colour Tick Tock, French Tick Tock

  • Course Introduction

Break for Snacks

  • Feedback Form

  • BONUS: ​Eyelash Extensions briefing.

  • Q&A session with Expert Nail Trainer

  • Distribution of Participation Certificate.

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5 Day New Technology Course - Tick Tock + BIB WITH KIT for INR47000 

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1 Day Seminar on TICK TOCK and BIB to know more